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A syndicate of digital and communications professionals

What We Do

Percussion Strategic is a one-stop shop for everything you need to win your campaign, or take your organization to the next level.

Whether it’s a new logo and website, skills and strategy training for your social media managers, or a soup to nuts statewide paid and earned media campaign with seamlessly integrated digital strategies, we are the experts you’re looking for. Because your audience is online, we center digital strategy using tested, proven messaging.

Earned Media

  • Spokesperson & Media Training
  • Press Relations
  • Media Pitching
  • Influencer Management
  • Direct Ad Buys
  • Rapid Communications
  • Press List Development


  • Strategic Messaging
  • Integrated Advocacy Strategy
  • Coalition Building & Management
  • Op-Ed Writing
  • Report & Toolkit Writing
  • Message Testing
  • Voice & Persona Research
  • Executive Communications


  • Digital Advocacy Strategies
  • Digital Skills Trainings
  • Website Development & Management
  • Social Media Strategy & Execution
  • Email & SMS Strategy & Execution
  • CRM Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Paid Ad Buys & Optimization
  • Paid Ad Creative & Copywriting


  • Logo Design
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Accessible Web Design
  • Photography & Videography
  • Audio & Video Production
  • Print Materials & Direct Mail
  • Social Media & Ad Creative Production

How We Work

We call ourselves a syndicate because we are fast and lean. There’s no overhead, no hidden costs, no figurehead partners padding bills.

Each of us is a freelance campaign professional. We choose to work together because, well, we like each other, and respect each other’s expertise and track record of positive impact. Each of our clients is assigned one project manager, who makes sure your work gets done on time and within budget.

Each of us has our own portfolios and client bases. Feel free to contact just one of us if you’re looking for a specific service.

Need a team or a bundle of services? Fill out our form and we’ll get back to you within one business day with a team that’s available and ready to start working on a proposal.

Why We Work

Our core values are:

Driven by your mission: You deserve consultants who care about the work just as much as you do.

Stand by our work: If we aren’t meeting your goals, we’ll be the first to call it out and fix it.

Pro-BIPOC, pro-gay, pro-trans, pro-woman: We believe in making space and generating demand for other women, BIPOC, and LGBTQ creative and campaign freelancers. We are building an anti-racist work space.

Take smart risks, make smart mistakes: We are always studying and testing, trying out new strategies and tactics.

Empathy & ethics: We are firm believers in ethical storytelling, providing campaign messengers with the emotional and financial support they need to share their experiences.

Humor & humility: It’s not about us, it’s about you, and forwarding your mission.

Who We Are

We are a women-led syndicate of professional creative, communications, and advocacy campaign consultants servicing progressive campaigns and organizations. Most of us are LGBTQ.

As campaign professionals, we have each served dozens of progressive clients including labor unions, coalitions, non-profits, ballot initiative campaigns, environmental groups, Democratic candidates, and many more.

Photo of Alex Koren

Alex Koren

  • Digital Communications
  • Messaging
  • Media Relations
About Alex Koren

Alex Koren (she/her) has been a campaign manager for federal, state, and local races in four different states. She also has experience as a communications director and a pollster. Alex is skilled at advising on which messages will best resonate with target audiences, and conducting electoral and advocacy media relations.

Photo of Alison Lorelle

Alison Lorelle

  • Data & Research
  • Advocacy
  • Graphics
About Alison Lorelle

Experience in advocacy communications & research for sexual and reproductive health rights, racial justice, and social progress. Obsessed with using words and images to educate, organize, and implement systemic change in communities & legislation.

Photo of Dana Variano

Dana Variano

  • Production
  • Organizing
  • Digital Communications
About Dana Variano

Dana (she/they) is a digital comms producer and strategist who uses storytelling and creative comms to implement campaigns for good. Their focus is in media production, digital organizing, and advertising.

Photo of Diamond Webb
About Diamond Webb

Diamond (she/her) is a seasoned administrative professional with seven years of experience. She is passionate about movement science and nutrition, as well as photography.

Photo of Diane Bedwell

Diane Bedwell

  • Organizing
  • Campaign Strategy
About Diane Bedwell

Diane (she/they) has two decades of experience with campaign, project, and program management, including leadership training and large-team management. She has expertise with strategic development, coalition building, and organizing.

Photo of Dylan Abbott

Dylan Abbott

  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Video Editing
About Dylan Abbott

Dylan Abbott (he/him) is a graphic designer, front-end developer, and video editor with over two decades of experience. He enjoys balancing the creative and technical sides of these roles for organizations working towards a more just world.

Photo of Ellen Callaghan

Ellen Callaghan

  • Director
  • Producer
  • Editor
About Ellen Callaghan

Ellen is a director, producer, and editor located in Brooklyn, NY. She started her own production company, Maev, with another colleague in 2020. She's worked on everything from music videos, to TV commercials, to digital content and feature films. This includes creating content for such companies as: Adidas, Target, Northface, REI, Filson, Amazon, and others. Her passion is film, and her mission is to find innovative, effective and memorable ways to visually tell a story.

Photo of Heather Weiner

Heather Weiner

  • Media
  • Messaging
  • Campaign Strategy
About Heather Weiner

Heather Weiner (she/her) has 30 years of experience with labor, environmental, LGBTQ, and reproductive rights groups. Focus on ballot initiatives, independent expenditures, legislative, union organizing and contract campaigns. Recovering lawyer.

Photo of Katie Hewitt

Katie Hewitt

  • Digital Strategy
  • Advocacy
  • Training
About Katie Hewitt

Katie Hewitt (she/her) has 2 decades of experience integrating digital strategies with traditional to create social change. She focuses on legislative advocacy, nonprofit communications, training/mentoring, and social behavior change campaigns. Never afraid to try something new.

Photo of Kristin Hyde

Kristin Hyde

  • Writing
  • Media Relations
  • Spokesperson Training
  • Storytelling
About Kristin Hyde

Kristin Hyde (she/her) has 30+ years experience in strategic communications for progressive policy advocacy campaigns, mission driven organizations and foundations. Kristin is known for her skill in spotlighting lived experience voices and compelling stories to achieve impact.

Photo of Laura Galindo Palomera

Laura Galindo Palomera

  • Advocacy
  • Digital & Social Media Management
About Laura Galindo Palomera

Laura (she/hers) is a digital storyteller. With 7+ years of experience in social justice advocacy spaces, she is driven by the stories of marginalized communities advocating for equitable policies and dignified ways of living. Grounded in ancestral Mexican values, she is passionate about empathy as a tool for social advancement.

Photo of Oliver Whitney

Oliver Whitney

  • Digital Strategy
  • Audience Development
  • Project Management
About Oliver Whitney

Oliver Whitney (he/him) has a decade of experience as a journalist, critic, and social marketing strategist. He worked at Netflix managing a major social brand and leading editorial strategy and film marketing campaigns. He's also been a leading voice and storyteller across the digital sphere covering trans and queer identity in media. He has been an editor at HuffPost and ScreenCrush, and has written for Vanity Fair and The Hollywood Reporter.

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